Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Story of Today: Wednesday

So, this write up should be a bit more detailed since I'm not falling asleep typing like I was last night. :)

6:45am - We had an early riser today. He came and hung out in bed with us for about 15 minutes until I got up and went for a run.

8:00 - Nicholas left for work and I made peach muffins with the fresh peaches that didn't fit into our cans from the night before. They were DELICIOUS if I do say so myself. I was a little sad because I couldn't convince anyone to come over and eat some with me.

9:00 - I spent the rest of the morning cleaning our kitchen. Not the most fun task, but I'm pretty sure the state of your countertops is directly related to the state of your mind so sacrifices had to be made.

10:00 - Griffin went down for a nap. I went ahead and got ready and then spent some time researching party ideas for an upcoming shindig I'm planning.

12:15 - Griffin woke up right around when my parents showed up. They fed him lunch while I finished getting ready.

2:00 - We all headed to Princeton for my swearing in ceremony. Kentucky Supreme Court Justice Cunningham generously agreed to swear me and Nicholas's coworker in and was completely lovely during our visit.

I have to be honest. It's been a long journey to this moment and it felt pretty awesome to be able to officially call my self a lawyer. Of course, the emotions of the moment were a bit overwhelmed by having to recall my dueling history.


4:00 - Then I came home and went back to my regular job. :) Griffin went right down for a nap so I laid down on the couch but literally the SECOND I closed my eyes, he started crying. Recently, if he takes one long nap, you're only going to get maybe 20 minutes out of a second round. I went in there and we read books for a little while.

6:00 - We went over to the Miller's home for a Miller Law Firm social. We had wonderful food from Spicy Ginger and even better company. Griffin came for the first part of the evening and then my parents came and got him. He is currently spending the night over there. We enjoyed the rest of toddler-wrangling free night with everyone, even taking a dip in the pool.

9:30 - Got home and relaxed in front of the TV, which for Nicholas means watching for 5 minutes before falling asleep on the floor. :)


dylan said...

Congratulations, Sarah! That dueling part is... weird. Do you know the history of that?

Sarah said...

No but Bobby and the Justice were talking about it. Apparently it was pretty revolutionary at the time and now people just want to keep it because it's unique.

It's actually in the Kentucky Constitution so it wouldn't be an easy thing to get rid of.

Laura said...

The Kentucky oath is amazing!!! Congrats! That journey has now officially come to an end. I can't wait to hear you refer to yourself as a lawyer, at least in part because I love how Southerners say lawyer (law-yer).

Nicholas said...

A little history on the oath and efforts to get rid of the language: