Sunday, July 04, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

It's been pretty crazy here in Quilt City. Last weekend, I went to Lexington for my third baby shower of the month. My friend Alexis is expecting her first baby in August and we are all SUPER-excited for her. We had a wonderful time ohhing and ahhing over the adorable baby things and playing lots of baby trivia games.

After the shower, Alexis, Aimee, Catherine and I drove to Kentucky Lake where we met up with Elizabeth and her children for a few days at the famed Allen Lake House. It alternatively stressful and hysterical, which is just how we like our girl's vacations. ;)

I was pretty exhausted since somebody (ALEXIS) is a famed sleep-fighter so I stayed up WAY past my bedtime every night. I took Thursday to regroup then went at it again this weekend.

We just returned from the Heath High School's 100th Anniversary. There were over 900 people there celebrating my alma mater. Since I was the fourth generation of my family to graduate from Heath, it felt like I was related to about half the room. It was a little intense to be in such a huge gathering people and recognize so many faces. We had a wonderful time visiting and reminiscing. There was even some dancing!

Tomorrow it's off the Lake again for Fourth of July and then Monday Nicholas and I celebrate our 7th Anniversary. Oh and did I mention I have strep throat? Just shining it on a few more days...I also promise to have more Griffin shots soon!

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