Monday, July 12, 2010

The Story of Today: Monday

7:00am - Our day started early. Nicholas brought Griffin into our room for some cuddles.

7:30 - Nicholas rode his exercise bike. I let the dog out and gave Griffin his milk, while I checked email and Facebook.

8:30 - Nicholas left for work and my mom came over for breakfast. I lured her here with magic coffee and then got her to babysit while I went to yoga.

I have really enjoyed capturing the simple, every day tasks.

11:00 - I had a great yoga practice today. My mom said she and Griffin had a great time but that there was a biting incident. I told her she really shouldn't bite the baby. ;)

11:30 - After I put Griffin down for his nap and took a shower, my mom and I started making jewelry from some beautiful beads she brought back from Italy. Griffin ended up sleeping for FOUR hours so we got a lot accomplished.

4:30pm - I had a chiropractor appointment so Mom and Griffin went shopping. Then we met and switched cars. Griffin and I ran some errands at Home Depot and Wal-mart. I had one of my favorite moments of the day at Home Depot. I was carrying Griffin in his sling and while we were waiting for our copies, he put his head on my chest and I sang him a little song. Nothing huge. He didn't take his first step but holding him close like that is a feeling I wish I could bottle and keep forever.

6:00 - We picked Nicholas up from work. He often gets in the back of the seat and rides with Griffin, which I find completely adorable.

7:00 - If this isn't one of the sexiest thing a man can do with his hands, I don't know what is.

7:30 - Getting ready for bed.

7:45 - A quite dinner alone.

10:30 - Spent the rest of the evening watching TV and writing this.


Emilee Graziano said...

I really should try this! Looking forward to the upcoming posts! :)

Amy said...

I have the same placemats!

Sarah said...

Shut up! TJ Maxx?

I LOVE them. Me and my fabric placemats had to break up because fabric placemats are pretty much useless if you actually - you know - eat on them.