Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Story of Today: Tuesday

8:30am - Our morning started at around 7:30 with snuggles in bed. Griffin and I took Nicholas to work and the Griffin insisted we go by Kirchoff's for breakfast.

9:00 - Griffin really enjoyed his two mini-muffins.

10:00 - We met our summer play group at Yaya's Island for lots of romping and rolling. They have a small toddler inflatable where Griffin had lots of fun crawling in and out of the small pool area.

11:30 - We walked down the block for lunch.

3:00 pm - After lunch, Griffin took a nap. Ron came over and watched him while I went to a doctor's appointment.

3:30 pm - We ran some errands.

6:00pm - This sign changed our evening.

7:00pm - Ron came over and played with Griffin while Nicholas got dinner together.

7:00pm - Griffin was a fan of the zucchini.

7:30pm - Ron put Griffin to bed. (That happens a lot)

9pm - We canned all the peaches tonight.

It was exhausting and now I'm going to bed.

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Michelle said...

Aww man...I wish I had room for canned peaches. My grandma used to can a bunch every summer and they were always one of my favorite foods. Puts the canned ones you buy in the store to shame!