Friday, July 16, 2010

Story of Today: Friday

8:00am - Everyone in the Holland house slept in this morning. So much so, that we got our cuddles in on the couch. Nicholas decided he still didn't feel well and was going to go to the doctor. They informed him he had a virus and would have to wait for it to pass.

9:45 - Mom came over and we had raisin bread french toast. She stayed with the baby while I went to my own doctor's appointment, where she told me basically the same thing but gave me a steroid pack and nasal spray to help me get better sooner.

12:00pm - When I got home, Griffin was still taking his nap so I played on the internet and did a couple of paint jobs I've had planned. I painted my ceramic stool and a rug on the front porch.

1:00pm - After Griffin woke up, I cooked and froze some corn while he played in his room. We try to clear out the vegetable drawers before we pick our week's vegetables from the Amish. My goal is to not throw out a single vegetable they give us.

1:30 - We had lunch. I had leftover Indian and Griffin had tofu and broccoli.

3:00 - We set out to run some errands. Mamma needed a little caffeine.

3:15 - Post office.

3:30 - We picked up our vegetable box from the Amish (+ a cantaloupe the size of Griffin).

4:30 - It rained, and rained, and rained.

4:45 - Griffin's great-grandmother Nanny and cousins Paige and Micah came by for a visit.

6:00 - Nicholas made this delicious pasta dish for dinner. It's got arugula, beets and pine nuts in it.

6:30 - Mimi and Papa Ron went to the afternoon showing of Inception so they could come watch Griffin while we went to the later showing. Griffin did his best to convince them we never feed him.

6:50 - We saw Inception. I would recommend it but don't want to say too much for fear of giving something away.

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