Monday, September 21, 2009

Happenins' in Hot Springs

We just returned from a whirlwind weekend in Hot Springs, Arkansas. We went for the wedding of two of my friends from law school, Taylor and Leslie, which means the wedding turned into a bit of a law school reunion.

We stayed at the Lookout Point Inn with one of our favorite couples Laura and Dan along with the fabulous Ms. Guinevere. After a steak dinner on Friday night, we went and had the full Hot Springs treatment at Buckstaff Bath House. My mother described at as a trip through time and she was dead on. The Bath House has been around
since 1912 and they have the treatments down to a fine science. First, an attendant wraps you up like a present in a long white sheet and from then on out it's like an experiment in how many ways can we get you soaking wet. I took a bath in the biggest claw foot tub I've ever seen, got in a big silver steam box with a hole for my head, sat in a sitz bath, was wrapped up in hot towels, and then sprayed in a cool shower. All for $24.

The wedding was Saturday night in the Anthony Chapel at Garvan Woodland Gardens. The Chapel was truly magnificent and made the most amazing backdrop for a really touching ceremony. Of course, the best part for us as new parents was there was free babysitting! We worried about Griffin fussing during the service but it was a very family friendly wedding and they had people standing by to whisk him away. Dan commented on how easily we handed him off and didn't worry about him but I say you want to watch my child go for it!

The reception was also at the Gardens under a big white tent. I have to say I've never seen so many personal touches at a reception and it really was great to see Leslie and Taylor's personalities everywhere. My favorite touch was they have a little Mary Matalin/James Carville thing going on so they had an elephant and donkey on top of their wedding cake. Nicholas's least favorite touch was the Arkansas Razorback hat awaiting Griffin as his place setting. However, since the Dogs beat the Razorbacks while we were actually at the reception, he seemed to get over it. If the game had gone the other way, who knows what would have happened.

We had an all around fabulous town and kept Griffin out WAY too late hanging out with the old crew. I have to say though the highlight of my night was when I went to get a drink and met my very first (self-described) blog stalker! (Everyone wave to Hillary!) Leslie's cousin apparently reads are blog religiously and introduced herself to me after waving to Nicholas only to realize he didn't know who she was. It was all pretty hilarious and incredibly flattering. It's neat to know perfect strangers follow our story and have such affection for Griffin.

On Sunday, we had a leisurely breakfast with our inn-mates and then went to the Bacon Brunch to have one final visit with the bride and groom before heading home. We did make one quick stop in Little Rock to take my picture in front of the Designing Women house. I had tragically not realized it was located in Little Rock when I was there with the campaign two years ago. Considering Designing Women is my favorite television show of ALL TIME, that situation desperately needed to be remedied and I'm happy to say it was. My life is now complete.

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hilary said...

Thanks for the shout out on the blog! It was fun to finally meet you in person :-)