Tuesday, March 02, 2010

On Lists

I love lists. Not all lists. Not little to do lists or shopping lists. Big lists. Lists of what you want to accomplish.

When I was in middle school, I remember reading these self-help books for kids. They were all about motivating yourself and achieving your goals. They recommended writing a lists of what you wanted to do in your life.

So I did. I believe it included everything from "Meet Dean Cain" to "Read the Bible." Well, I have never had the honor of meeting Mr. Cain but I actually did finish reading the Bible before I graduated from high school. I guess I've been hooked ever since.

I made another list almost two years ago that has been our family's North Star ever since. It's the one pictured above. I made it in an attempt to convince Nicholas that the changes I were proposing were achievable. As a details man, he was overwhelmed by the prospect of uprooting our lives in DC and all that entailed. However, a professor in college once called me the Queen of Proximate Knowledge and I like to think this means I can also see the bigger picture.

"See this is all we have to do!"

A small list of seven things that would change our lives forever.

Well, that list is almost complete. Even though, the last unchecked item says "Sarah: Take Bar" I refuse to check it off until I've actually passed. However, for all intents and purposes, I think this list has done its job and I've decided to make another list.

I turn 30 on July 28, 2011.

Whoa. Typing that sentence made it seem real.

I'm ready to turn 30. The twenties have been great but I hold no illusions in regards to youth. I think it's because I watched my parents enjoying middle age so much I've always looked forward to it myself.

But just the same - turning 30 is pretty monumental and I was inspired by Making It Lovely who made a list of thirty things she wants to accomplish before turning 30. I decided to do the same and voila!

Thirty before 30
  1. Have another baby.
  2. Visit Abraham Lincoln's birth place and grave.
  3. Watch Griffin play in the ocean for the first time.
  4. Plan the most perfect first birthday for Griffin.
  5. Read A Wrinkle in Time.
  6. Have the most spectacular 30th birthday party.
  7. Organize my pantry.
  8. Learn how to play chess.
  9. Make a crepe cake.
  10. Landscape our yard.
  11. Find a hairstyle I love.
  12. Write a historical fiction short story.
  13. Paint my den and kitchen.
  14. Finish the ancestry book I've been working on.
  15. Have a romantic weekend away with Nicholas sans bebe.
  16. Start doing yoga again.
  17. Run a marathon relay.
  18. Read The Age of Innocence.
  19. Visit my best friend Laura in New York City.
  20. Buy another pair of Manolos.
  21. Go to New Orleans for the first time.
  22. Plan a fantastic girls weekend with my best friends from college who are also turning 30 very soon!
  23. Make these chocolate chip cookies.
  24. Find a job I love.
  25. Turn my current laundry/storage room into a craft/exercise room.
  26. Get a fantastic family portrait taken.
  27. Go back to DC for a visit.
  28. Read The Lacuna.
  29. Go to Lillith Fair.
  30. Learn how to play tennis.


Annie said...

Those are some high-maintenance chocolate chip cookies.

Laura said...

awwww! You will LOVE The Age of Innocence. Move it to the top. Sy Israel will be happy to teach you how to play chess when you come visit.

I'm inspired...I want a list.

Jennie said...

Good list! I need to start a bucket list, seeing as how I'm already past 30. Not that I think I'm going to die, but I think making a list for 40 might be pushing it... some of my goals/wishes just will not happen before 40 because I don't want them to.

Marybeth said...

You can visit the birth place of Abraham Taylor :.)

Jessica said...

I wish you the best 30th birthday party! I LOVED my 30th birthday party. I didn't want the night to end.

It was the last big bang before we started our new family (perfect timing).

Sounds like a doable list! You'll do great.

Good luck :)

Lana said...

Your Mom can help you with #30,

Elizabeth said...

I love that I get to be part of a few of these!!! Oh and we've GOT to sign up for the relay -- it's in 5 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leslie said...

I don't want to belittle your accomplishments or anything but I have met Dean Cain. And it was awesome.