Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Master Bedroom and Bath

It's been a while since I've posted pictures of our home. As far as y'all know, we've been living in a kitchen, dining room and nursery all this time.

I've been trying to wait until every room is "finished" before I post pictures but am starting to realize my idea of finished might be a tad too exacting. As in, no room is really ever FINISHED-finished. So as long as there aren't huge pieces left to get or major improvements to make I'm going to try to get up pictures of the rest of the house as soon as I can.

Here is our bedroom:

As usual, most of the credit goes to my Aunt Lana who found the awesome floral that inspired the room. She helped me pick out the gorgeous blue on the walls and had the inspired idea to cover my headboard and the ottoman at the end of the bed. Thanks also goes to my mom and Nanny who put their sewing skills to use for me.

This mirror is probably my favorite piece in the room. My mom bought it at an auction for an insanely cheap price. It had a floral scene in the panel that I painted over. Then my mom painted our monogram in in and I think it looks lovely.

When we first bought the house, the master bath was my most hated room. It was weirdly arranged and had only a shower pod and a pedestal sink. I mean you can't get ready at a PEDESTAL sink. It's like against the laws of physics or something. I told Nicholas I would move in only if we remodeled this bathroom beforehand. We basically gutted the entire thing. Took out the shower and pedestal sink. Put in a beautiful new mosaic floor and soaking tub. Painted over the fluorescent turquoise and VOILA a spa-like oasis in which no boys are allowed. I don't care how cute and little they are. ;)


Michelle said...

The headboard and bench turned out great! I love that fabric -- makes me want to ditch my neutrals.

Jennie said...

Very nice room! I think my husband would shoot me if I tried to put a floral anywhere in our bedroom (although I was able to sneak in some lovely photos of flowers).

Love the bathroom!

Annie said...

Thank you for being reasonable and having a ceiling fan in your bedroom. I hate all those stupid design shows that always poopoo ceiling fans. I don't know where they live, but it must be somewhere with no summer or humidity or electric bills.