Monday, March 15, 2010

dispatches from quilt city

Dear Paducah,

Last week was our one year anniversary. I'm sorry I forgot to send a card.

I know our first break-up was hard. You were just a little two clingy those first 18 years and I really needed some space. But now? Now, I think we've both learned some things. We're more mature. We can communicate like adults. I'm so proud of both of us.

I love those things about you that never change. The way people always say hello - the greetings from those who knew you as a child are especially sweet. The buildings that are like the beloved faces of long lost relatives - the Hotel Irvin Cobb, Concord Elementary, the old Coca-Cola plant. The old men in overalls and trucker hats who turn up when and where you least expect them. The rolling fields and crumbling barns that still take my breath away after all this time.

But I also love some of the changes you have made. I love getting coffee at Etc. and seeing all the artists gathered for their morning chats. I love the new nature walk at Noble Park and how the whole town seems to be there when the sun is shining. I love how excited everyone got when the ice rink opened at the start of winter. Most of all, I love seeing you through my new eyes as a parent. Paducah, you raised me and I think it speaks to the trust between us that I want you to raise Griffin, too.

What I'm trying to say is that I think it's going pretty well. You might not have all the sexy offerings of the big city and I still really wish you had a Target. But, at the end of the day, I think we just might make it.

Plus when we fight, it's nothing a couple Red's donuts can't fix.



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