Monday, July 06, 2009

Day 50

Griffin had a big fourth of July. We went to the lake early Saturday morning and spent all day with my family, which means he spent all day being passed around. That night we went to two parties thrown by Nicholas's clients, both of which were fabulous. Griffin also witnessed his very first fireworks. Nicholas covered his ears so he didn't get scared by the noise, but he really seemed to enjoy the lights. That night was his first night away from home and I have to say it went beautifully. He fell asleep on the drive home around 10pm and we just left him in there and let him sleep. Well, sleep he did - all the way until 5am the next morning! He also took a four hour nap yesterday and then slept all night except for one short feeding.

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Anonymous said...

this look is priceless. i suspect this is what he'll look like, years down the road, when you reference oprah in a life lesson you're trying to teach to him.

love him!