Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Week 34

We had a lot of exciting developments this week. First, we got our car seat installed by the fire department. I was determined not to be one of those people who procrastinate the big tasks until the last minute, so it felt good to get that done.

Even more exciting, I found a doula! My mom was off for spring break so she got to come with me to meet her. I had all these official interview questions printed out but they basically got thrown out the window after the first few minutes. In a nutshell, she shares all my values and opinions about birth and we got along amazingly well. I'm so excited to know she'll be there to coach and support both me and Nicholas.

As if the perfect doula wasn't enough, Nicholas and I went to have maternity photos taken on Saturday. We took several with both of us in matching black shirts and then she took a roll of me wrapped in a long cheesecloth. The photographer was really great and I'm so excited we got to document my belly in a really beautiful way - although I know y'all are boiled over by the beauty of our weekly shots in front of the door. ;)

That night my Aunt Lana came to town with her family for Easter and we scheduled a walk through of the house so she could see it. For those of you who have not met my aunt, she is quite the force of nature. She channels all this energy into interior design as her day job and has lovingly agreed to design our new house for us. It is really amazing to see her at work, but just to give you an idea. She arrived around 5 pm on Saturday and by that night she had already picked the paint colors for the living room, dining room, nursery, a bathroom, and our bedroom.... oh and we somehow managed to get to Surplus City in time for me to buy a couch and loveseat, Home Depot to pick out fixtures, tile, and a vanity, AND to TJ Maxx for pillows, bathroom accessories, and towels. It was pretty wild.

It's amazing we all had any energy for Easter Sunday, but we did and had a wonderful time with all of the family. The Easter Bunny even came that morning, which was VERY exciting, especially since I'm guess it's the last year I'm going to be getting a basket. :)

Two Ups:
1. I'm only doing ups this week because I still feel pretty great. I'm so grateful that it seems wrong to search for things to complain about.
2. The baby is super-active, which is really great because I never have to wonder if he's doing ok. The giant moving lump on side of my belly I think is a pretty good sign. :)

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Haley said...

I'm sure Nicholas loved that Aunt Lana could spend your money so quickly!