Sunday, April 05, 2009

Critter Capture: Part Deux

Critter Capture: Part Deux
Originally uploaded by SarahorNicholas

First, it was Peter the Possum behind the house.

Now, it's Randy the Racoon in the attic.

My next guess is Miss Scarlett in the Library.


Erin K said...

Hey, you guys are pretty good at catchin' the critters! Can you come to my house and catch the squirrels that are eating my garage??

dylan said...

Uhhh... wow. My next guess is Nicholas, in the Conservatory, with a small gauge shotgun before somebody gets rabies.

Aimee G said...

Is he munching on a marshmallow?!? BTW - I love your family's names for one another...especially Grandaddy Bud. :)