Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Day 200

"In case y'all didn't notice, my mom REALLY likes Christmas. She likes Christmas so much she is dressing me in holiday gear every day until Christmas. I know y'all are looking forward to it as much as me. ... Oh and also check out my freaking awesome teeth. I've got TWO! Count 'em - TWO!"


Anonymous said...

OK, seriously, this is one of the cutest pics EVER. Those baby blue eyes are too much! :)

Jackie said...

Seriously, our overachieving children need to MEET. Noa has teeth too!!! Is he crawling and standing up yet? Get ready, if it hasn’t happened yet, it will soon. I thought life changed when I had a kid… as it turns out, it doesn’t really change until the kid starts to move!! Cute pics of your adorable baby.