Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Morning

Of course, the one day I want my child to wake up he sleeps in for TWO hours and wakes up at nine o'clock. By that time, everyone had gathered in anticipation and Nicholas and I had exchanged all our presents (or so he thought!). Nicholas got a Roku box and some other little stuff. I got the Lady Gaga CD I'd been begging for, some new PJs (Oprah-approved of course) and a new coupon organizer that my Mema described as the Cadillac of coupon organizers. We also had a yummy breakfast of my Mema's world famous cinnamon rolls.

Finally, little man woke up. He seemed most excited about all the people here to greet him.

Griffin got a wide assortment of toys including a Jumping John, a little keyboard, a shape ball, a Leap Frog walker, a rocking horse, a bouncy ball toy, and a cute little lion. We're not sure he knew what to think about all of it.

Although he thought the bouncy ball toy was hysterical! Thanks Stephen and William!

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