Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Week 32

Another big week in Paducah. Not happy to quit our jobs, move across several states, buy a car, go to Mexico, and change the gender of our baby in about three weeks, we decided we'd just go ahead and buy a house of our very own on top of it all.

We have a contract on a great house with more than two rooms and four-digit square footage. It is about 2 1/2 minutes from both my mother and grandmother in a wonderful neighborhood with a nice private location. We really love the big spacious bedrooms and the big open kitchen and den area. Maggie is super-pumped about the sliding glass door to look out of and the fenced in backyard. Nicholas did agree to the master bath remodel (act surprised), which should be finished before we move in. We close on April 17th, so hopefully we'll be moved in before the baby arrives.

We also had a very exciting weekend filled with LOTS of baby-related events and a little mini-trip to Nashville to see Nicholas's brother Benjamin, his wife Ginger, and his sister Pamela. Before setting out we went by BabyFest at one of the local hospitals and boy was it. We entered about a million drawings and got lots of free stuff. Of course, one of the doctors was passing out formula measuring spoons, which sent me in a tizzy but I tried to keep it in check.

Afterwards, we stopped by Surplus City on our way out of town. Now, I can't believe I haven't posted about Surplus City yet, especially since I go about 3-4 times a week. It is a giant warehouse filled with returns, overflow, or slightly damaged goods from major retailers. Apprently, they have recently begun receiving merchandise from babycenter.com, and we are all the better for it. We bought all manner of baby items from clothes to nursing bras to baby carriers to bottles at 60-70% off. It's amazing. The best deal we've found so far was Happy Heinys cloth diapers which retail for $20 for...wait for it...$1.99!!!

Really, I can't say enough about my love affair with Surplus City. Anyway, we'd made an especially fruitful stop before heading to Nashville to visit. We had a really great time at lunch with everyone visiting and sharing stories. Benjamin loves a deal as much as Nicholas so I was telling him all about Surplus City. He said that he often buys stuff at discounters and sells them for a profit on eBay. Well, that was all the inspiration I needed. We went back to Surplus City on Sunday and I bought a brand new, factory sealed breastpump that I posted on eBay the same night. Not three hours later, I had sold that puppy for $100 profit.

And so my love affair with Surplus City continues...

Two Downs:
1. The tiny area between my ribs and my uterus where all my internal organs are all squished up is extremely sensitive and getting more so by the day.
2. I've been having more trouble sleeping or more accurately getting back to sleep when I wake up in the middle of the night to pee.

Two Ups:
1. I've picked out all the linens and furniture for the baby's room - something I had kept myself from thinking about until we bought a house.
2. I've bought some serious boy clothes over the past week (I felt bad for him!) and I have to say there are some pretty dang cute boy outfits out there. It's more challenging but that also makes it more fun.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see him in his first Harley Davidson outfit.


Amy said...

Sarah! Congrats on the house. I have to say though, the price of it makes me want to throw up (in a jealous way...you understand.) I'm also jealous of Surplus City!