Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Week 31

So, this week was consumed with me stressing/freaking/adjusting to the fact that our baby girl is in fact a baby boy.

I woke up on Monday and made an appointment to see a local OB/GYN to hopefully get one more ultrasound to confirm the gender. They couldn't get me in until first thing Friday morning, so I decided my next line of attack would be finding American ultrasound techs to look at the Mexican ultrasound pictures.

I sent the pictures with my mom to show to a friend who had been a tech for 20 years, but unfortunately she was out of town. Then I discovered a community chat room on babycenter.com where techs will look at your pictures. When Mom finally got home with the pics, I uploaded them immediately. Around the same time, her friend called from her vacation and told us to email the pictures to her.

She ended up responding the same time as all the women on the chat room and the answer was a resounding "Yeah, that is for SURE a boy!"

I might have cried...a lot...for pretty much the next 24 hours.

Everyone knows I wanted to a girl, but I have to be honest I was more upset at the way I found out. I definitely don't think my reaction would have been what it was if I had found at at the first ultrasound. As it was, I was told my baby was one thing and I really bonded with the image of that baby in my mind. Then, all of a sudden, I had that image jerked away and was told I had to start over from scratch. It was quite the emotional roller coaster.

So, the rest of the week creeped by at a glacial pace. Friday finally arrived and my appointment was at 9am. Unfortunately, the ultrasound tech couldn't squeeze me in until 3:30. Again, tick tock. Tick tock. Nicholas went with me and we finally got into the room around 4:30. She took her time (unlike the other two) and then finally proclaimed that she was 300% sure it was a boy. Actually, you didn't need to be a tech because once he opened his leg it was pretty clear.

However, the best part was that we were able to have an 4D ultrasound and see his little face. It really helped me to realize that this was my baby and that even if I had some vital information wrong I've known him all along. Oh, we also confirmed that he has the sweetest face EVER. ;)

Of course, this did leave the small matter of the baby shower I had the next day. Luckily, I have some sorority sisters who think fast on their feet and were able to completely shift the theme of the baby shower they were throwing me in Louisville. We drove up that day and met everyone for lunch. The shower didn't start until 3 so we were able to go by and see our dear friends Annie Kyle's new little guy Collin. He had a rough start after being a born a month early and had just recently gotten out of the hospital. It was so wonderful to see his sweet face and to see Annie so happy to have her baby home in her arms.

The now baby BOY themed shower went beautifully. Emily's house was picture perfect and we had lots of yummy treats and fun games. I got a ton of great gear and I have to say now that I've had both a baby girl and baby boy shower my thesis holds true. Girl clothes are so fun to buy that's basically the majority of the gifts. However, with a baby boy, you get a lot more of the gear off your registry. Both have their pluses but it was funny to see how different they were.

We drove back that night so we could go look at houses on Sunday. We didn't start until late in the afternoon so Nicholas could have his first official fishing trip as a Kentucky resident. I met my Nanny and cousins Paige and Micah for breakfast while he was out. We met up with Ron and Mom and set out to look at about 7 houses. We liked several but ended up back at one we had seen previously in the week. It has a great location and is really well laid out with lots of space.

The one deal breaker is the master bathroom. It currently has this shower pod thing, which just will not do. I want a bathroom to MYSELF with a BATHTUB. I'm not willing to budge on this. So, we're getting an estimate on a bathroom redo. If the number is reasonable, then we're set to go.

Again, stay tuned!

Two Downs:
1. Feeling guilty that I was so upset about the whole gender debacle.
2. I know everyone wants to be involved but I'm not enjoying going through the whole "do you have any names picked out?" again.

Two Ups:
1. Seeing my beautiful boy's face. BIG up!
2. He's getting so big I can start to identify certain little baby parts when they poke out one side of my stomach, although I still go with "unidentified baby knot" some of the time. :)


Haley said...

Don't feel guilty - it's hard when life throws you a curveball and you're not expecting it. He looks beautiful. :)

heather said...

Ok, that is one of the biggest adjustments that I can imagine, especially in the midst of all the other colossal life changes you've had in the past few weeks. In a few years, it'll be funny. Right now, it's infuriating.

Take care and enjoy shower season!