Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Week 28

Well, things are wrapping up. Last week was our final full week in D.C. and I spent a lot of time meeting old friends for lunch and doing final goodbyes. It was definitely sad to say goodbye to the little family I've made here. I look back at all the wonderful friendships I've formed in law school and during my time at Hillaryland and on the Hill and I get a little teary thinking those people won't be just a metro ride away anymore.

Luckily, I had a fabulous prenantal massage on Friday to ease some of my sadness. ;) I went to a spa that specializes in pregnant women, where all the therapists are trained and certified in prenatal massage. That's something else I'm going to miss actually is the resources of the big city. Something tells me such a thing doesn't exist in Paducah.

Of course the big highlight of my week was the big baby shower/law school reunion. Another one of my law school classmates Leslie, who now lives in California, is pregnant and we decided to have a joint shower and get everyone together for a bit of a reunion. My nearest and dearest from law school, Laura Sinrod, arrived on Friday evening. (Nicholas says our friendship is actually just vanity because we're so much alike.) We had major catching up to do and stayed up way too late talking.

Laura and Leslie's nearest dearest Laura (yes two Laura's - try to keep up here people) hosted the shower for us on Saturday afternoon. They did such a great job with great food and sweet "little one" decorations everywhere. They outdid themselves on the game though. We had a "Mom-Off" which included baby care trivia, nursery rhyme completion, name-the-celebrity-baby, and (my favorite) daddy questions. They had quizzed our husbands beforehand and we had to guess their answers a la The Newlywed Game. It was such a blast, made all the better by the fact that I won and was declared the Superior Momma! ;)

After the shower, we met up with all our favorite menfolk from law school and had a big dinner. We had such a great time and it was so perfect to spend my last weekend in DC with all the people who had really defined a majority of my time here - even if most of them have moved out of town since then.

Two Downs:
1. I wish I could eat more because I know I'm going to be hungry again in an hour or two. However, there is just no more room.
2. My lower back has started to bother me, especially in the mornings.

Two Ups:
1. Definitely all the precious precious baby girl clothes we got at the shower. Y'all the cuteness was overwhelming.
2. Oh, let me see, hmmmmmm.... the fact that we're moving to Kentucky in a matter of days!!!!

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Leslie said...

For the record, I only lost because I didn't know any of the nursery rhymes. Stupid nursery rhymes. But yes, congrats on your victory. It was a super fun shower. The Lauras did a great job. :-)