Monday, December 29, 2008

Week 19

Christmas week was a whirlwind. We left Saturday morning early and drove all the way to Atlanta. We got to spend a couple of days with Nicholas's brother Geoffrey and his family before they had to return to Florida. It was a little sad having Christmas without them but we were happy to be able to visit at all.

The most interesting part of them leaving was we got to see our nephews separate from our little niece Elizabeth. It was hilarious to see how different the little boys played from the little girl. Stephen and William would come in and dump the entire bucket of legos on the floor and go straight for the bulldozers and "scoop-a-truck." Elizabeth took one lego out at a time and played with the dinosaur and "flowers" aka the palm trees.  However, no matter how differently they played, they were all completely adorable and really into giving hugs and kisses. I'm also proud to report that our Christmas gifts were a big hit, particularly the fireman costume I bought for Steven under the excellent advice of my friend Laura. 

Two downs:
1. My skin: Not. Getting. Better.
2. The rib thing is driving me freaking crazy. 

Two ups:
1. My new little silver bell Pamela gave me for Christmas. It should come in real handy as I get bigger and bigger. Nicholas is not a fan. ;)
2. All the fabulous baby gifts Nicholas's family gave us. They were all so adorable but Pamela wins the award for purchasing us the first baby gift actually on our registry. We are now the proud owner of our first big ole tube of Boudreaux's Butt Paste. 


Laura said...

Fireman costume pictures needed!

Becky "Sanders" Wallace said...

Ok, the butt paste rocks! True story: The hubby had to purchase a tube of said butt cream for our oldest a few years back. It wouldn't ring up for some reason, so the cashier called another cashier over. Then the manager. Everyone was talking very loudly about the "butt cream" he was purchasing. Ha! He never bought it again.