Monday, December 08, 2008

Week 16

We had a great week, mainly because of our fantastic weekend. We had Nicholas's holiday party on Friday night, which was a swanky affair at Ritz. It's always fun to get all dressed up (even though my options were a bit limited) and see his coworkers.

On Saturday, we went to the White House to see all the Christmas decorations. The tour is very short and I can see how it would be less than impressive on a regular day. However, the decorations really made it exciting and interesting. They were beautifully done and it was fun to hear about all the Christmas traditions. More important than anything of the decorations was that I saw my favorite members of the Bush administration - Barney and Ms. Beasley!!! They were playing outside and I was ridiculously excited to see their adorable little faces. :) After the Tour, we went to see Milk, which was excellent, and went to a cocktail party thrown by my friend Amy to showcase her mother's art.

On Sunday, we had brunch with some friends and then went shopping. We drove out to Maryland so I could go to an Old Navy Maternity and Gap Maternity, mainly because I despise shopping online. Man, was it worth the trip! I bought a ton of stuff and no longer feel like I'm wearing the same things over and over.

Two Downs:
I've got nothing - it's been that good of a week :)

Two Ups:
1. I think I felt the baby move on earlier this week, but it was really light and I haven't felt anything since so I'm reserving the full level of excitement. :)
2. All my new maternity clothes!

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heather said...

You look so cute! So glad to hear that you're feeling better!

I can't wait to see Milk; it sounds fascinating.