Sunday, November 09, 2008

Week 12

So, now that I'm out of the pregnancy closet and free to talk, I've had several requests for updates on how I'm doing. I want to clarify that I wasn't posting because the pregnancy was a secret. I wasn't posting because pregnancy made me feel like A BIG BALL OF CRAP! Seriously, I had about two weeks of feeling good and then I felt nauseous pretty much 24/7 for the next 11 weeks. After about three weeks of feeling like that, I began to refer to our future daughter/son as the baby dictator. I'm not quite ready to change the title yet. ;)

I have felt much better over the past several days. I've gotten more energy and feel more like eating, although I've realized that I still mainly crave my comfort foods. The weirdest symptom is I can't really read or have no desire to read. It's like I can't focus or something but my friend Annie said she had a similar reading aversion and it eventually went away.

So, that's basically it. Nothing too exciting. We've only had one appointment with our midwife where we got to hear the heartbeat, which was amazing. We don't go back again for a couple more weeks and we don't find out the gender until January. I'm going to try to post every week and I thought I'd start a little weekly tradition based on my favorite pregnancy podcast - Pregtastic - where every week each woman lists 2 Ups and 2 Downs of her pregnancy.

Two Downs:
1. The nausea isn't completely gone and I'm still afraid to drink orange juice, which is one of my favorite drinks but sets my stomach on fire.
2. I do feel good enough to exercise so I can no longer use feeling crummy as an excuse. ;)

Two Ups:
1. I bought two very cute pairs of maternity jeans at H&M that I can't wait to wear this week.
2. Now that I've completed my 13th week, I'm officially in the second trimester! Wohoo!

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dylan said...

Did you ever finish "War and Peace" or did you drop it? I'm reading it now, and I'll admit if I got knocked up, I would probably use it as an excuse to drop it, too! Chances of that are slim, though, so I'll slog on to the end... that distant, distant end... oh god it's so far away...