Sunday, February 28, 2010

When the moon hits your eye ...

March is a weird time to post about your New Years Resolutions...unless you are posting about giving up on themk.

However, my New Years Resolution was so big, so monumental that I wasn't ready to announce it to the Internet back in January. I wanted to be sure I was committed to the task. Plus, I was still figuring out the exact perimeters of the Resolution itself.

Internet, I gave up pizza.

I mean does it get any bigger than that? Well, it doesn't for me. I can tell you that.

Pizza is my comfort food. THE comfort food as far as I'm concerned. I mean I like sweets as much as the next person. I would never never turn down a chocolate chip cookie. But as far as a food food - food that passes as a real thing you can eat for dinner - pizza is it. My standby. My default. My "I'm hungry and I don't want to risk anything not being satisfying so let's just order pizza."

However, it was getting ridiculous. I was scarfing down three or four or even five pieces without even thinking. I don't like to eat it on real plates because it just makes it cold. So, I would stand by the box and swallow piece after piece. The last time we ordered delivery pizza right after Christmas I remember thinking, "This is so gross. I'm not even enjoying this." And that was it. I announced I was giving up pizza in 2010.

Then I got nervous. I mean that is EXTREME. Might as well give up sugar or chocolate.

So, I altered it. I gave up delivery pizza. No Dominos. No Pizza Hut. No Pizza Inn. No Papa Johns.

If we went to a restaurant, that was one thing but no more standing over the boxes. But I was still wanted to test myself. I wanted to see how long I could go without eating any pizza at all. I made it to the end of the month, when I decided I would only have pizza once a month. At the end of January, Nicholas whipped up some pizza one day for Sunday lunch - almost as an afterthought. It was nothing special and I regretted wasting my one pizza meal on it afterwards. Then in February, I went out with two of my sorority sisters to Joe Bologna's in Lexington the night before the Bar. I had loved their pizza in college and thought for sure it would be worthy of my monthly meal but even it was disappointing.

Now, I'm thinking of going back to my original resolution. I'm realizing my love affair with pizza has actually come to an end (or at least a hiatus) and that I might go back to not eating it at all.

We'll see how March goes. :)


heather said...

Food for thought, as it were...

Upon moving back to the LEX, we were really excited to go back to Joe B's. It isn't nearly as good as we remembered, although it's still the best slice in town. When we visit Louisville, it's a different story; Fat Jimmy's and Wick's never let us down.

I agree that chain/takeout pizza is NOT WORTH IT. We actually make pizzas at home most Sunday afternoons; I have a great dough recipe from Bon Appetit and set the dough sponge out to rise late Saturday night. We use the same grade of ingredients (organic veggies, freshly sliced meats, fresh herbs, etc.) that I use to cook anything else. More time, but pizza worth the calories.

I think I totally wouldn't miss takeout. Seems we only order it when we've been to cocktail parties, happy hours or other events that leave us feeling "frat party-ish." ;)

dylan said...

Any goal you meet is cause of celebration, but I don't know why you need to set an all-or-nothing standard for yourself. Pizza as a special treat seems like a good way to go.

Sarah said...

I do better in a zero tolerance environment. Moderation is not my specialty...guess it's the Baptist in me ;)

dylan said...