Friday, May 15, 2009

Week 38

Ok so maybe putting off posting for a couple of days isn't the best of idea this late in the game. ;)

Don't worry - I'm still pregnant. We've just had some very eventful days. Last week, we finished up a ton of work on the house and it actually looks like someone lives there. My Aunt Lana came into town for Mother's Day and it was another whirlwind of decorating and late night trips to TJ Maxx.

Also, my dear friend Elizabeth came into town with her two boys and we've had a really fun time hanging out with them. They got here Friday, while we were in Nashville for Pamela's graduation from law school. We had a really lovely time with Nicholas's family and lovely Mother's Day with mine.

The baby is still hanging out. Clearly, he is pretty comfortable but we're not pressuring him. The most important thing is that he's ready so I'm trying to stay patient. :)

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Jessica said...

After he's born, you'll look back at this picture and then sorta understand why people assume you're uncomfortable!

Good luck with the birth. I'm praying for a safe delivery and one heckofa healthy and happy little bundle of joy!