Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Week 37


Still pregnant. Thanks for asking. :)

Still dragging around this giant belly. I've even learned to give it a big shove with my hand when I roll over at night.

It's been a bit weird shift in attitude this last week. I went from focusing all on my attention on keeping the baby inside to - all of a sudden - waiting for and wanting him to come out. Of course, everyone else in the entire world also seems focused on this outcome so that probably enhances my perception that everyone is secretly slipping pitocin in my water.

I had told myself that I wouldn't get all stressed about when he showed up and that ultimately this little baby boy is the one who decides when he's ready. And just to clarify I'm not sick of being pregnant and want him out for my own comfort, it's more about the fact that we start studying for the bar at the end of May and I'd like a week or two with him before I have to start scheduling study time.

On other fronts, the house is coming along nicely. The bathroom is supposed to be finished this week. After that, we're going to have the house cleaned and the carpets steamed. Hopefully, we'll be moving boxes in by this weekend.

Two Downs:
1. At a shower this weekend, a lady from my church looked at me with the biggest smile on her face and exclaimed, "You must be miserable!!!" It was ridiculous.
2. I miss my full range of motion.

Two Ups:
1. It has been an incredible relief to stop worrying about premature birth and all its complications.
2. We put together the crib and crib bedding this weekend and it was so awesome to have the nursery start looking like a nursery!

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Holy shit! You're pregnant?!?!?!