Sunday, January 04, 2009

Week 20

Nicholas and I both had a great week back home in Kentucky. We spent the weekend at the Lake celebrating the holidays with the Allen and Skidmore families. We had such a blast eating my grandmother's specialties of lasagna and cinnamon rolls. (My cousin suggested she open a restaurant serving only these two items.) We played rousing games of Monopoly and Dirty Santa. We basically just enjoyed each other's company.

I basically spent the rest of our time in Paducah trying to pull my mother and husband away from the Wii. On New Year's Eve, we drove to Louisville to celebrate with several of our college friends. First, we had dinner with Annie and Kyle, which was wonderful as usual. Then, we went to Tim and Emily's for a great party packed with familiar faces from our time at Transylvania.

We drove home on New Year's Day and I have to say Nicholas's suggestion that we have the last couple days home to settle before returning to work was an excellent one. We've just been working around the house and going to movies and it's been fantastic. We saw The Wrestler Friday night and Frost/Nixon last night. Both were excellent and I'd recommend either.

Of course, tomorrow is the real big day because we go to our first ultrasound and will hopefully post the happy news that our baby is healthy. I'll also tell you the sex if you're really, really lucky. ;)

Two Downs:
1. I can't take any more gender speculation. I'm at the end of my rope with people taunting me that it will be boy or with one person saying the way I'm carrying means it's a girl and another saying it's definitely a boy. I'm just over the whole thing.
2. The sleepy rib continues and it's driving me crazy.

Two Ups:
1. My mom and grandmother both had me near tears with gifts for the baby. My grandmother found a little stuffed duck that looks just like the "Gaga" I carried around as a baby. If that wasn't enough, my mother found an exact replica of my childhood baby doll Baby Beth on ebay. I really was touched that they went out of their way to find such sentimental gifts.
2. Did I mention that we find out the sex tomorrow!?!?!?!?

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Mr. Wallace said...

Hey girlie. Sorry that we couldn't get together during the holidays. Lauren was worn out.