Monday, January 05, 2009

Was there ever any doubt?

Today was the big day! We had our first sonogram, where they look at all major organs and make sure everything is normal. We also found out the sex of the baby, but I know you all want a full narrative before the big reveal!

We had a student do the majority of the screen. She showed us the legs, toes, arms, and hands. Then she found the kidneys and stomach. She had a lot of trouble getting a perfect picture of the heart because Baby wasn't being cooperative AT ALL. She said she had an idea of the gender but the cord was between the legs so she was going to call in the main technician.

The main tech came in and was much more comfortable and seemed to get everything she was looking for. Towards the end, she says, "You don't want to know the sex?" and I reply loudly, "Ummmm...NO!" So she stars looking and she says the baby is not in the best position. I start getting nervous. Then, "It's a girl!"

Me: "Yeah!"

So I was super-excited when the doctor finally came in. She piddled around for a minute and said she also wasn't perfectly happy with the picture of all four chambers of the heart. She said she couldn't say 100% that everything was normal so she wanted us to come in next week. It was a little bit of a bummer but I had already figured they'd make us come back for something and Nicholas looked it up online and it seems pretty normal.

So, yeah!!!! Who's excited about a baby girl?!?! Nicholas and I are having pink cupcakes tonight in celebration. :)


hatetoblog said...

I knew I was purchasing Baby Beth for a reason.

Grandmother Lisa

h said...

I'm writing a Phi Mu rec as we speak. Just let me know when to add the name....

Seriously, so very happy for y'all. You'll raise her to think for herself and be whatever she wants. She couldn't ask for more than that. :)

h said...
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Mr. Wallace said...

Congrats Lauren is very excited because everyone else is had boys. Baby Girl Holland is going to be spoiled by Aunt Lauren!