Monday, September 27, 2004

Things I Like

- Having wireless DSL, did I really use dial-up for two years??

- The New National Museum of the American Indian-- a little overwhelming, but well done

-The Cheese Guy at Eastern Market-There's a special place in my arteries for all the cheese this guy convinces me to buy (most recent, "Sage Cheddar")

- New Mini-Break-and-Bake Cookies from Pillsbury

- Vegetarian Times Magazine

- The Washington Post's Free Daily "Express"--all the news you can read in a 10 minute Metro ride.

- Our dog--Goes without saying, but she's done a really good job adjusting to us being gone most of the day, and is still as sweet as ever.


Christopher said...

Gone vegetarian on us, or just looking for new recipes for the dog?

Nicholas said...

Sarah and I don't really eat any beef, chicken, or pork (though I occasionally eat all three if the mood strikes me). We do eat fish.

Sarah said...

We also don't eat duck, lamb, etc.

I don't any of these on any occassion. ;

Pamela said...

So those cookies were good? Still haven't gotten them for myself--I am kind of afraid I might become an addict.