Tuesday, September 07, 2004

It's been a long time...

I started work today, mostly orientation stuff. I also got to see my cute little ultralight laptop (Dell Latitude x300). It's definitely light, which is all I know about it because they haven't given me a passowrd to access it yet--that comes tomorrow.

Sarah is enjoying law school as much as any first year, which is to say not that much, but she seems to be working her way into a routine.

Maggie is doing fine, she isn't thrilled about us being gone during the day, but she gets exercise in the morning rather than at midday like she was getting. It's a new routine for her, too, I guess.

I'll be in Atlanta this weekend dropping off the Corolla. In related news, I just got my DC drivers' license, which took only 30 minutes. I was prepared for an all day affair a la the Georgia DMV, but was pleasantly surprised by the first efficient DMV office I've ever been in.

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