Monday, April 18, 2011

Busy Bees

We have been very busy bees over the past few weeks.

After returning from DC, our dear friends Annie and Kyle Kratzsch came to visit us - more importantly they brought their son Collin. Griffin was a fan to say the very least.

I also had my Milk and Cookies shower for Amos. Hosted by party rock star Millie, it was a huge hit and we got lots of adorable presents for our new addition.

During Spring Break, me and several of my girlfriends took a day trip to Cape Girardeau to take our kids to the Discovery Playhouse. It was a huge hit. Griffin spent most of his time at the sandbox. So, we went ahead and pulled his out (with some minor alterations).

The weather has been so nice - not only has the sandbox gotten lots of attention but we've eaten several meals outside and spent lots of time at the park.

Amos continues to grow (and kick and kick and kick). My belly seems about the same size as with Griffin. My midwife sort of freaked me out by talking about how low the baby is and generally insinuating that the baby could show up anytime. This is RIDICULOUS. I am only 33 weeks. More importantly, Griffin has a big birthday on May 14th. Amos can arrive anytime after that day but not a moment before. :)

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holly said...

You look great, Sarah. I hope the next few weeks go just as you've planned. ;)