Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Griffin's Big Boy Room

With the approaching arrival of baby #2, we thought it was time to start transitioning Griffin's room from a nursery to a big boy room. We're not all the way there yet because he's still in his crib (and will remain there until he crawls out) and so we still need the rocker for bedtime stories. However, his toys were threatening to takeover without any real storage so we put more of the emphasis on play in his room and less on infant care.

First, here is what is used to look like.

Due to a slight mis-measurement on my part, the toy storage couldn't go on this wall as I had planned. Instead we moved his crib to where the rocker used to be. The table and chairs were moved to the center of the room.

I added this little display to the wall where his diaper changing table used to be.

The real focus of the room is now the awesome toy storage system. It's the Trofast System from Ikea and I absolutely love it. I also added hanging storage in the corner for his stuffed animals

I'm really happy with the results, although the best part was watching Griffin's eyes light up when he came in the room for the first time. I think he really enjoys being able to sit at his table and get to all his toys.

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