Sunday, January 23, 2011

Halfway There!

Over halfway there punks!!!

This pregnancy is going SO fast. I anticipated it would but the speed is taking my breath away. I've received a couple of requests for belly pics, so here you go.

I actually am taking them every week like I did with Griffin. I'm sort of hyper-paranoid about doing for this baby what I did for Griffin. I'm not journaling regularly like I did the first time but that was more about dealing with being pregnant than something I was doing for the baby. Otherwise, I'm taking belly pics, doing the same pregnancy yoga DVDs, and trying to eat healthy. I also plan to do the picture a day for the first year of his life - this time with less creepy baby monitor shots at the end of the night because I forgot. :)

The second trimester is going swimmingly. I really think it's the best part of being pregnant. You have a cute belly. No one is making ridiculously rude comments about how big you are yet. You feel great. You start feeling the baby move regularly. Speaking of! I don't know they say you feel your second baby move more but holy cow. He actually woke me up the other night because he kicked my stomach so hard it moved my arm. I'm choosing to believe the second baby theory and not that this baby just might be more active than Griffin.

I think of how this baby will be compared to Griffin a lot. The first time you have no clue what your baby's temperament will be and it really doesn't matter since you have no experience either way. But this time I spend a lot of time worrying this child will be difficult or colicky or just plain old bad because I know what I would be missing. Griffin is SO good. What if I've used up all my good baby cards?!?

I guess doesn't much matter at this point. Plus, I could win the baby lottery in other ways. I mean this baby could be RED-HEADED. Think about that! ;)

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dylan said...

Not to scare you, but Dylan-->Nora.

Batten down the hatches.