Saturday, October 11, 2008


Believe me I don't say this lightly...I'm proud of Britney Spears.

The last CD I wasn't rooting for her because I didn't honestly believe she was better or had her life in order. I think this time is different, especially if the quality of her performance is any reflection.


Erin said...

Even if the performance was good, I don't care much for that song. I hope she's got some stuff on the album that doesn't sound so techno.

Anonymous said... knew I had to comment on this one...I love Britney...I love everything Britney...but I have to disagree and say that I think she has lost me so far on the leaked songs from this album. I understand the concept of manufactured pop...but this is ridiculous...I can't even tell if she is truly singing...I also understand progressing through life...but the quality at this point is just janky...poor Britney...PS I still support her!!!