Sunday, September 07, 2008

This my friends is a tomato

It's next to a nectarine to give you some perspective. We got it at the farmer's market and it is some pre-1900 heirloom variety.

I can NOT wait to eat it.


Amy said...

Holy tomato! I just made tomato sauce from farmer's market tomatoes. Being a locavore is hard work... But delicious. Hope you are well!

heather said...

That is so awesome! Hope it was delicious.

I haven't found a farmers' market in Nashville that can compete with the glorious ones in Louisville/Lexington. Still looking, though...

I'm working on an essay (to hopefully submit to a couple of magazines) that sort of expands Michael Pollan's theme of "eat what your great-grandmother would recognize"; I think it's hilarious that we city gals are always running to our CSAs and Farmers' Markets when my grandmother still has a "corn man" named Maurice! ;)