Monday, May 24, 2004

Ch-Ch-Ch...Ah, never mind...

As you can tell, big changes around here at The Best Blog EVER!!! A new blogger template means a little easier on the eyes, but I have switched to the Blogger comments, which aren't nearly as intuitive for users as Haloscan, I may end up going back if I really don't like it...(I hate livejournal's comments, and these aren't far off.)

I have begun Bar Preparation "for real" now. Unfortunately, despite being promised by the Bar/Bri people that my home-study CDs would arrive tomorrow, I have been informed that they won't be shipped until Wednesday. That's okay, I have some other materials that can keep me busy in the meantime and I can catch up on the weekends, but I wish they had let us know a little earlier...The task looks more daunting every time I look at the absurd amount of material and number of practice questions that have been provided me. If I live through this, I can live through anything, I'm convinced.

We're back to DC this weekend, with hopes of finding a house/condo that we can make an offer on. We don't want to be back and forth between here and there too many times, so we are hopeful that this weekend will be fruitful. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

Alright, back to Constitutional Law for now.

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Pamela said...

Just testing out your comments for you. take good care of the car.