Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Small Spaces, Smart Design: The Puj Tub

My dear friend Sarah Pahnke Reisert will be guest blogging today! Below is her review of the awesome Puj Tub, which I LOVED. They offered me a free tub to review it but since Griffin had already outgrown it I passed the offer on to her!

I learned of the Puj Tub when my friend Sarah (creator of this blog) sent me an e-mail championing her love of the first generation Puj Tub, which she used for her now seven-month-old son, and encouraging me to apply to be a product tester (as an official product tester, the company supplied a free tub but did not pay me for writing this review). This message from Sarah could not have arrived at a better time – my newborn son was ready to graduate from a sponge bath to a tub bath, and I needed to purchase a vessel for washing him.

In particular, I was intrigued by the Puj Tub’s compact design. As a city dweller who lives in a 1000-square-foot condo with a tiny bathroom, I was sold on the idea of an infant tub that promised to take up little storage space by hanging and storing flat (we did not need any more baby gear taking up precious floor or storage space!). As advertised, the Puj Tub has a very small footprint and narrow profile – it inconspicuously hangs on the inside of my shower curtain and does not have to me moved when I shower. I love that it does not add to baby clutter. I would recommend the product for this reason alone.Even better, the small scale of the tub securely and comfortably cradled my 2-month-old son during our “test” baths. The tub’s ergonomic design and soft foam ensured that my son’s head was supported, and it prevented him from slipping and sliding below the water level. This is great for a first-time parent because one can more easily (and swiftly) bathe her child without having to rely on a second pair of hands or constantly reposition the baby to prevent his head or body from being accidentally submerged. My son was content for the entire duration of his Puj Tub bath, which was not the case when he received sponge baths while lying on a towel in the kitchen. I’m certain this was because he felt cozy and safe within the cushy and close walls of the puj, making this tub a perfect fit for newborns (too bad I didn’t have this tub when we brought the baby home from the hospital).

The third feature I appreciate about the Puj Tub is that the product’s materials are non-toxic, free of BPA and PVC, and easy to clean. I don’t have to worry that the bathtub will introduce pollutants, harmful chemicals, or mold and mildew to my home and baby.

While I would recommend the Puj Tub, there are a few things that would make the tub even better. First, the tub’s design does not allow one to add enough water to cover the baby’s torso, so I had to keep my son warm by pouring warm water over a washcloth covering his belly to maintain a comfortable temperature. Second, while I love the tub’s compact size, this space-saving feature does limit the tub’s use to smaller babies. The tub claims to fit babies up to six months old; however, my two-month-old son, who measures 24 inches in length, did not have much growing room, so I worry that the puj won’t accommodate life after three months. Third, the tub could feature a flat temperature strip so a parent can gauge weather the water that fills the bottom of the tub is too hot or cold.

Overall, I would give the innovative Puj Tub two thumbs up. Check out the Puj Tub for yourself at the new web site exclusively for baby bathtubs!

By Sarah Reisert
Guest Blogger and Mother of Two-Month-Old Gavin

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